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Certified CIM Course


– 6 months
– Remotely 
– CIM tutor
– Award by CIM
– £1602

What is this course?

This modular marketing course is provided
CIM marketing course by our collaborator – CIM. It is an introduction to Marketing where you will gain the CIM award in Marketing as an official qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing as well as learn about fundamental marketing tools and techniques. These skills will make you invaluable when promoting sustainable brands along with generating support for environmental conservation causes.

Why study this course?

  1. Many conservation marketing roles are in charities, non-profits or small start-ups with limited resources. Thus, efficient marketing is a must. Along with targeting your audience, this course will also teach you This course will teach you to understand your audience so they can be reached effectively.
  2. Changing people’s behaviour means first understanding it. It has never been more relevant as people are swamped with often conflicting information about protecting the environment. Consumer confusion over eco-labelling is just one example. This course will show you how to get inside the mind of your target audience to shape your messaging.
  3. Learning how to champion your customers and present arguments internally to ensure their needs are met will be invaluable when keeping customers/supporters loyal – something that is a modern-day struggle that many charities and organisations face.
  4. It will also teach you how to understand external trends and anticipate future changes that may influence your customers and offerings. As the sustainability market grows, so do competitors, for example. Knowing how to monitor and account for this is crucial.
  5. Apart from providing marketing theory, it also gives you tools to carry out market research and analysis, as well as plan, implement and monitor marketing programmes and manage your brand.

What will you learn:

– What marketing is and how it drives success
– What influences customers’ buying decisions
– Targeting and championing customers
– Creating a marketing plan based on external trends
– Gathering marketing research and information
– The elements of the marketing mix to meet customer needs.

What do we need from you:

– Strong interest in conservation and acquiring professional marketing skills
– Highly organised and ability to work to a schedule
– Self-motivated and comfortable working independently
– Flexible and adaptable
– IT competency ( use your own laptop) and internet access
– Good level of English, verbal and written

Personal Coaching

Check options for our personal coaching in fields such as: nature blogging, nature creation, social media and marketing!

What our Alumni say about us


“I learnt so much, from integrated communications to digital marketing. From upgrading our website to boosting email marketing I’ve had the chance to develop so many essential marketing skills.”

Lucy Wood, past student and Malaysia Marketing Intern for Conservation.

Learning Digital Marketing

”I’ve improved my skills in science communication, digital marketing, and photography while at project sites. I learnt how NGOs operate, the company’s financial management and project management”

Sachin Gauchan, past student and Malaysia Marketing Intern for Conservation.

“The exercises and resources available to help apply the concepts were invaluable. It helped me ask the right questions to better understand the company and customers.”

Eleanor Devenish, past student and Malaysia Marketing Intern for Conservation.

Sustainable Marketing Internship - Intern

“I learnt so much about digital marketing, SEO, social media management and assessing the right marketing strategy. This skill set will be more than useful in my future career.”

Vlada Kantorovich, past student and Malaysia Marketing Intern for Conservation.

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