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Course benefits

– Distance online learning

– Access to the course tutor

– Multiple resources

– Practice-based

– Access to practical guides

What is sustainable marketing?

To understand why you should take the Sustainable Marketing Courses you need to know what is sustainable marketing first. Sustainable marketing is undoubtfully a key element of today’s successful campaigns. It is an approach to marketing that takes into account the impact of a company’s products or services on consumers, competitors and the environment. It aims to balance social and environmental concerns, with a commitment to creating a more sustainable and desirable future. This means it focuses on creating solutions that help consumers, employees, and communities around the world. Sustainability marketing encompasses everything from purchasing goods and services using recycled materials.

It can be mistaken for marketing strategies used to handle criticisms about companies creating pollution and misleading customers. It might be also confused with green marketing focusing more narrowly on the environmental impact of a company’s products or services, while sustainable marketing includes similar approaches such as eco-marketing but in a broader scope. Moreover, it is an approach to business that works to reduce the impact we make on the environment and society. This can be done through investing in renewable energy sources, finding innovative ways to use existing resources more effectively, or working with local communities that would benefit from the product. It also helps create long-term shareholder value by ensuring that your company’s products and services will still be in demand years into the future.” Taking sustainable marketing courses will help you gain crucial skills as well as, improve your employability and boost your future career.

Why is it so important?

For business leaders, sustainable marketing is a powerful tool for influencing how the company is perceived among current and potential customers. Sustainability by definition can mean different things to different people, but if you look at some of our favourite brands, then you will notice that sustainability has become an integral part of why many of them stand out from the crowd. But as sustainable marketing impacts business, it can also largely influence the success of sustainability and conservation work:

  1. Conservation is about managing people – Boosting sustainable lifestyles and responsible buying choices is vital to help the planet. Moreover, marketing can be a powerful tool to influence consumers to support environmental causes.
  2. Charities are facing a huge challenge – people’s trust in them has declined. Therefore an understanding of the consumer is central to marketing and is focused heavily throughout our courses.
  3. Sustainability is incredibly competitive – so stand out with a recognised qualification!
  4. Marketing helps you to think strategically – when we understand the external forces of an organisation can we make informed decisions. Therefore, strategic thinking is one of the most highly sought-after skills by sustainability professionals (and employers in general).
  5. We’ve all seen bad marketing – but sustainability deserves better!

Our Marketing Courses for Sustainability

Sustainable Marketing Courses

Communication 4 Conservation

Communication for Conservation is a course for people passionate about a green cause,  supporting or working for a green NGO, starting a sustainable business or wanting to work in communication. Join if you want to learn about the core purpose of a company, organisation, group or individual and how to create a mission statement. 


Marketing Courses

Certified Courses in Sustainability

The sustainable marketing courses will teach you about what marketing is and how it drives success fundamental, marketing tools and techniques that will help promote sustainable brands and generate support for environmental conservation causes.  You will also gain knowledge of how to target customers and what influences the customer journey. 


Green Internships

All our internships for digital skills provide you with professional communication skills for conservation and sustainability. Additionally, you will learn digital skills with an exclusive focus on our planet.

What our Alumni say about us


“I learnt so much, from integrated communications to digital marketing. From upgrading our website to boosting email marketing I’ve had the chance to develop so many essential marketing skills.”

Lucy Wood, past student and Malaysia Marketing Intern for Conservation.

Learning Digital Marketing

”I’ve improved my skills in science communication, digital marketing, and photography while at project sites. I learnt how NGOs operate, the company’s financial management and project management”

Sachin Gauchan, past student and Malaysia Marketing Intern for Conservation.

“The exercises and resources available to help apply the concepts were invaluable. It helped me ask the right questions to better understand the company and customers.”

Eleanor Devenish, past student and Malaysia Marketing Intern for Conservation.

Sustainable Marketing Internship - Intern

“I learnt so much about digital marketing, SEO, social media management and assessing the right marketing strategy. This skill set will be more than useful in my future career.”

Vlada Kantorovich, past student and Malaysia Marketing Intern for Conservation.

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