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What’s it like being a distance learning student with Cambridge Marketing College?

It’s now week seven of my marketing internship, where I’ve been studying for a Certificate in Professional Marketing with Cambridge Marketing College.

With videos, podcasts and webinars as well as reading material, there’s never a dull moment, however you like to learn! It’s flexible too, so you can learn wherever you want, whenever you want.

Whilst that definitely is a plus for distance learning, in some ways it doesn’t feel like a distance learning course at all, with tutors always on hand to help with questions, or even marking your mock exam papers to give you feedback!

The course itself is really interesting, providing not just marketing theory but also real life examples of how it works. If you’re wanting to apply what you learn to your own organisation and really make a difference in your day job, then this is the course for you! Cambridge Marketing College and the Chartered Institute of Marketing provide some very helpful guides and marketing templates for you to use to achieve your own company’s goals.

Before I started studying marketing, I didn’t realise just how much it encompassed. Far more than simply promoting products or services, it’s about scanning the market to predict how factors might influence customer behavior, championing customer needs internally and managing your brand, to name a few. Underlying all of this is learning how to be a strategic thinker, a skill that is highly valued by employers and shown to be crucial in being an effective leader.
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