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Gain a recognised marketing qualification

Fancy a marketing career? How about marketing sustainability? Maybe you’d like to raise environmental awareness. Or change consumer behaviour for the better and champion sustainable products? You’re in the right place! Read on to learn more about our marketing courses for sustainability.

You will study with an accredited study centre and gain a qualification with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). It’s the best way to learn about marketing tools and techniques that will make you invaluable when promoting sustainable brands or generating support for environmental causes.

Our marketing courses

Completing all three courses leads to a professional CIM CERTIFICATE. But there is the flexibility to undertake courses individually and gain an CIM AWARD. Each AWARD module is £420 + VAT. Additionally, there are exam fees and CIM membership which are not included in the course.

Why study marketing?

Here’s why marketing is crucial to the success of sustainability and conservation work:

  1. Conservation is about managing people – Boosting sustainable lifestyles and responsible buying choices is vital to help the planet. Marketing can be a powerful tool to influence consumers to support environmental causes.
  2. Charities are facing a huge challenge – people’s trust in them has declined. Understanding the consumer is central to marketing and is focused on heavily throughout our courses.
  3. Sustainability is incredibly competitive – so stand out with a recognised qualification!
  4. Marketing helps you to think strategically; only when we understand the external forces on an organisation can we make informed decisions. Strategic thinking is one of the most highly sought after skills by sustainability professionals (and employers in general).
  5. We’ve all seen bad marketing – but sustainability deserves better!

Course benefits

Recognised and respected awarding body
Distance learning online – learn anywhere with an internet connection!
Access to course tutors
Learn through books, videos, podcasts, webinars and journals
Your course is practice based on your job or internship
Access to practical guides and templates
Qualification and CIM membership

You'll need to have

  • At least one year of marketing experience/a relevant level 3 qualification.
  • If your first language is not English, you will need to have an equivalent qualification.

What our past students have to say

“I learnt so much theory whilst studying, from integrated communications, to digital marketing. The best thing for me though was being able to apply it. From upgrading our website, to boosting email marketing I’ve had the chance to develop so many essential marketing skills.”

Lucy Wood, past student and Malaysia Marketing Intern for Conservation.

Eleanor Devenish

“Having undertaken all three courses, I genuinely recommend them. The exercises and resources available to help apply the concepts were invaluable. It really helped me ask the right questions to better understand where Ecoteer was at and how to satisfy customer needs.”

Eleanor Devenish, past student and Malaysia Marketing Intern for Conservation.

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