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Learning about Blogging in Cambridge during my gap year

Hi, I am Tor from Sweden and I completed a part-time marketing internship during my gap year. So, I spent time learning about blogging in Cambridge.

A Gap Year to reflect and improve my English

After finishing my secondary education, I decided on a gap year to explore and consider possible study choices for University. My main reason for visiting Cambridge for 3 months was to improve my English. When I looked around for any other subjects to study, I was introduced to Barbara and the The idea of learning about marketing seemed useful to me. I did not know much about the topic, so my expectations were …uncertain/..

Combining my studies with my passion

My enrolment was easy. The part-time option allowed for flexibility, as my work load for the English course, Cambridge Advanced Exam, was quite heavy. I acquired good skills such as knowing what is behind Google search. I now understand about SEO Search Engine Optimization and how important it is for most online activity. Also, I was able to combine my passion for the environment with learning to plan and write a blog post.

Learning about Blogging in Cambridge

My blogging was based on my own personal experiences of networking with some action groups such as Reclaim the Power and Cambridge Zero Carbon Society. With their help, I managed to explore a bit of the U.K. I was struck how few trees there are compared to Sweden. Actually, England is quite densely populated. But I did not notice any striking cultural differences. Of course, I did realize that most of my social interaction with locals ended up in the pub. Cambridge has many historic local pubs, frequented in the past by famous university alumni like Lord Byron and Isaac Newton

I hope to be able to use my newly acquired skills. Maybe I can start my own blog or it will be useful in my academic work.

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