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Eleanor Devenish develops her sustainability and conservation marketing skills in Malaysia

Hi, I’m Eleanor and I completed the Malaysia Marketing Internship for Conservation.

Apart from having the time of my life in tropical rainforests, amazing beaches and coral reefs and exploring Malaysia’s wonderful culture, the marketing internship definitely benefited my career. That’s why I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Why did I choose the Malaysia Marketing Internship for Conservation?

Having graduated from Sussex University with a biology degree, I’d learnt lots about conservation and environmental issues. This led to my job at Ecodesk, measuring and improving the sustainability of corporate supply chains. I realised that the part I loved most was communicating and persuading stakeholders to prioritise sustainability. Therefore, my goal became to learn marketing, one of the most powerful tools to change people’s behaviour and promote sustainability. After all, conservation and sustainability is about managing people and the way we live, rather than species. With the chance to travel abroad, the Malaysia Marketing Internship for Conservation was an exciting opportunity.

Eleanor Devenish
Eleanor in the rainforest near Taman Negara, Malaysia

What did I learn?

As well as studying for a Certificate in Professional Marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, I completed HubSpot’s marketing courses. This taught me how to understand customer needs and create content to stir them to action. I then created marketing and content plans for Ecoteer and implemented them, using a range of digital media. The work varied a lot, from developing Ecoteer’s website and brand, to creating integrated digital campaigns to attract new conservation volunteers. It was amazing to promote such a range of projects. From rainforest conservation, to diving and conservation research, Ecoteer really is making great strides in conservation.

What am I doing now?

I’m now working for NEO, an exciting marketing agency focused on marketing sustainability and promoting social and environmental causes. I also assist the Sustainable Marketing Academy with its content.

Is the Malaysia Conservation Marketing Internship for you?

If you like the sound of the above and enjoy coming up with ideas, getting creative and telling a story, this is a worthwhile internship! If you’re considering it and have questions, then get in touch!

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