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A dream job marketing for good in Malaysia

How often have you seen an advert to apply for ‘the greatest job in the world‘ or ‘your dream job‘? From tea tasters touring China, to island sitting a billionaire’s private island, there are some real newsworthy job adverts out there which seem too good to be true.

Last year, I came across a ‘Conservation Marketing Internship’ organised by Biodiversity Business. This incredible opportunity combines studying for a Chartered Institute of Marketing professional marketing qualification, with travelling to Malaysia for 6 months. Whilst over there I’ll be distance learning with the Cambridge Marketing College whilst creating and implementing a marketing plan for Ecoteer Responsible Travel. This conservation company is dedicated to providing conservation volunteer opportunities that benefit both the volunteers and the communities and environments which surround them. In 2017, over 1300 volunteers removed 57kg rubbish from Perhentian reefs, briefed 4,276 people about eco-snorkelling practices, released 20 animals back into the wild in Indonesia, removed 15 snares from the Merapoh rainforest and so much more!

As a biology graduate growing up in the David Attenborough era, I’ve always been passionate to play my part in conservation and sustainability. This internship provides me with the opportunity to work for a fantastic company where I’ll be marketing for good, whilst also allowing me to gain a highly respected qualification with the ultimate aim of entering the sustainable marketing industry.

Two women chatting in front of a living wall
Starting the conservation marketing internship with a meeting at the David Attenborough Building in Cambridge

So what is sustainable marketing?

As I’ve learnt in the first module of my distance learning course; marketing can be defined as the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. Often mistaken as simply promoting products, a marketer’s role is to champion the customer and embed this into their business. Ultimately, this should influence the companies direction. Be that by monitoring and predicting trends in the market, researching and analysing competitors, gathering customer feedback or ensuring employees understand and reflect brand values in customer service.

Sustainability marketing extends this to ensure that these goals are met without compromising the ability of future generations to achieve their own objectives. Marketing in a way that actively benefits the environment. To find out a bit more, have a read of Eleanor’s blog, last years conservation marketing intern.

And why is it important?

Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious as reflected in recent news. Single-use plastics is a hot topic at the moment, microbeads have officially been banned, and the government have proposed a ban illegalising the sale of ivory. In order to satisfy and champion their customer’s wants and needs, companies are striving to ensure they are conducting their business sustainably. Whether that be purchasing from sustainable suppliers, ensuring workers aren’t exploited, or measuring and monitoring their carbon footprint.

Do you consider sustainability when purchasing products? Are there products you don’t buy because you know they are damaging to the environment? Next time you buy something, have a think about whether it’s sustainable. Is it easy to tell? If so there’s a sustainable marketer out there doing their job. If not, what would help make it more obvious to us as consumers? I’m excited to find out how I can make a real difference as I start my conservation marketing internship.

Let the dream job begin…

As I embark on this exciting dream job journey, I’ll be blogging about my adventures and what I’m learning. So keep an eye out to see what I’m getting up to or feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.


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