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Social Media

Personal Coaching


– 3 months
– Remote
– Weekly personal coaching session
– £300
– Online certification

Manage Social Media for Nature

Do you have a natural flair for various social media platforms? Are you good at creating and editing content?  Then this internship will help you on your way.

The role of Social Media Manager has not been around for very long but is already considered vital to boost the visibility of any person or organisation. You learn the professional tools and techniques used by social media managers. Importantly, you will also get to put this knowledge into practice by managing several social platforms on behalf of an environmental cause.

You will learn and get to work online

You will work from home or anywhere, but your personal coach will agree and set a clear schedule. This will include online learning with a recognised provider that offers e-certificates. Then put your knowledge into practice with the help of your mentor. Crucially, this will involve implementing media campaigns. The campaign topics will suit both your own interest and the goals of the non-profit: anything from wildlife rescue to plastic pollution.

What will you gain:

– Practical skills in social media management
– Experience in social media planning and scheduling
– Excellent communication skills to influence and inform
– Practical experience in targeting an audience
– Efficient time management and working to set deadlines
– Training and mentoring from your personal Coach
– A reference letter and e-certificate
– Help with CV and job search

What do we need from you:

– Strong self-motivation
– Passion for nature and conservation
– Comfortable working independently
– Good writing and creative ability
– Willing to give and receive feedback
– Flexible and adaptable

Barbara de Waard,
BSc, Msc, MCIM
Marketing Coach and Social Entrepreneur

Your personal Marketing Coach

Barbara is the Founder of the SustanainableMarketing.Academy. She is a lifelong professional marketer who teaches at Cambridge Marketing College. She is also an official tutor and examiner for the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Her passion for nature and wildlife led to the creation of this online learning hub. So that anyone with an interest in conservation and sustainability can get the communication skills to make a positive impact on the environment.

Conservation Courses

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What our Alumni say about us


“I learnt so much, from integrated communications to digital marketing. From upgrading our website to boosting email marketing I’ve had the chance to develop so many essential marketing skills.”

Lucy Wood, past student and Malaysia Marketing Intern for Conservation.

Learning Digital Marketing

”I’ve improved my skills in science communication, digital marketing, and photography while at project sites. I learnt how NGOs operate, the company’s financial management and project management”

Sachin Gauchan, past student and Malaysia Marketing Intern for Conservation.

“The exercises and resources available to help apply the concepts were invaluable. It helped me ask the right questions to better understand the company and customers.”

Eleanor Devenish, past student and Malaysia Marketing Intern for Conservation.

Sustainable Marketing Internship - Intern

“I learnt so much about digital marketing, SEO, social media management and assessing the right marketing strategy. This skill set will be more than useful in my future career.”

Vlada Kantorovich, past student and Malaysia Marketing Intern for Conservation.

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