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3 Steps how to learn blogging for wildlife conservation and nature

Over the years, blogs have become a popular source of information for many fields. A couple of rapidly growing areas in blogging are wildlife conservation and nature. Despite its popularity, it is important to remember that creating high-quality content is not as easy as it seems. While some types of blogs do not need so…

Learning Digital Marketing for Science Communication

Hi! My name is Sachin Gauchan. I recently completed my Malaysia Marketing Internship for Conservation, where I have been learning digital marketing skills for science communication. Having completed my MSc at Imperial College London, I wanted to explore my career options in science research and communication. Also, I wanted to give myself time to decide…

Conservation Marketing is vital

The term Conservation Marketing has been coined by the founder of Biodiversity Business, Barbara de Waard. She realised the urgent need to upskill conservationists for the digital age, after more than a decade of practising marketing communications in the Conservation sector. Generation Climate will dominate this century. And conservationists have a crucial role to play…

Learning about Blogging in Cambridge during my gap year

Hi, I am Tor from Sweden and I completed a part-time marketing internship during my gap year. So, I spent time learning about blogging in Cambridge. A Gap Year to reflect and improve my English After finishing my secondary education, I decided on a gap year to explore and consider possible study choices for University.…

Digital Marketing Skills gained as Intern in Malaysia

Hi, I’m Vlada, and I have just spent 6 months completing the Malaysia Marketing Internship for Conservation. I have been interested in digital marketing for a while but haven’t had a chance to get any formal experience. So this was the perfect opportunity to gain valuable marketing skills whilst helping conservation efforts. It’s a cause…

4 Steps to Creating Campaign Videos

Creating campaign videos is absolutely critical for marketers. A picture can paint a thousand words but a video can paint millions. Video gives marketers the chance to convey their messages and value propositions in far more detail whilst keeping the audiences attention. This year, whilst interning with Ecoteer, I’ve had the chance to work with…

Importance of Integrated Communications

“I need help with marketing, can you please put this post on social media?”. How many times as marketers do we get asked that? Contrary to what many people might think, there’s far more to marketing than just social media, despite the digital age we live in. Enter integrated communications. Of course social media is…

Gain a qualification whilst interning abroad like sponsored marketing intern Lucy Wood

Hi, I’m Lucy and I’m currently completing my Sponsored Marketing Internship in Malaysia whilst studying for a qualification with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). As a biology graduate who fell into the world of marketing, this internship seemed the perfect opportunity to combine my passion for conservation with my experience in marketing. I’ve experienced the…

Eleanor Devenish develops her sustainability and conservation marketing skills in Malaysia

Hi, I’m Eleanor and I completed the Malaysia Marketing Internship for Conservation. Apart from having the time of my life in tropical rainforests, amazing beaches and coral reefs and exploring Malaysia’s wonderful culture, the marketing internship definitely benefited my career. That’s why I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.…

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