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Sustainable Marketing is Marketing for Good

Our mission is to boost communication for positive environmental impact!
So we provide professional communication skills to conservationists and green NGOs.
Plus we educate marketers about sustainability and conservation.

What is Sustainable Marketing?

Sustainable marketing is marketing to help the planet. In short, it aims to integrate sustainability into the theory and practice of Marketing. Humanity has pushed the Planet to its natural limits and beyond. Today we are seeing the consequences of climate change, mass extinction and loss of natural resources.

Marketing is often regarded as part of the problem of unsustainable consumer demand. But the power of Marketing can equally be a force for good to promote solutions to transform our economic system. Likewise, it can fulfil its natural role of connecting consumers and organisations. So it’s MARKETING TO HELP THE PLANET.

“Sustainable Marketing is the process of creating, communicating and delivering Shared Value to customers to achieve economic and social benefit for nature and people”

(Adapted by Barbara de Waard from Martin & Schouten, Porter & Kramer)


Customer Behaviour

To buy or not to buy… ‘What do employers look for in conservation graduates?’ ‘What skills and experience do I need for a career in sustainability?’ ‘Which wildlife volunteering opportunities would look best on my CV?’ These are all questions I asked when choosing graduate sustainability internships and everyday, people are asking similar things. This is what…

Sainsbury’s – king of sustainable seafood

‘Where sustainable seafood can be found?’ or ‘Which fish is sustainable?’ are questions that many environmentally conscience consumers are asking today. With the world’s overfishing crisis and fish stock depletion, there’s been no shortage of pressure on retailers to sell responsibly caught or farmed seafood. A whole host of campaigns, from the Greenpeace Tuna League…

A dream job marketing for good in Malaysia

How often have you seen an advert to apply for ‘the greatest job in the world‘ or ‘your dream job‘? From tea tasters touring China, to island sitting a billionaire’s private island, there are some real newsworthy job adverts out there which seem too good to be true. Last year, I came across a ‘Conservation Marketing…

Investigating the Marketing Environment

2 months into studying with Cambridge Marketing College and one of the best bits about this internship is that I can apply the theory I’m learning to my new role at Ecoteer Responsible Travel. I absolutely loved University and my course but aside from the occasional field trip or labs, there were limited chances to…

What our Alumni say about us


“I learnt so much, from integrated communications to digital marketing. From upgrading our website to boosting email marketing I’ve had the chance to develop so many essential marketing skills.”

Lucy Wood, past student and Malaysia Marketing Intern for Conservation.

Learning Digital Marketing

”I’ve improved my skills in science communication, digital marketing, and photography while at project sites. I learnt how NGOs operate, the company’s financial management and project management”

Sachin Gauchan, past student and Malaysia Marketing Intern for Conservation.

“The exercises and resources available to help apply the concepts were invaluable. It helped me ask the right questions to better understand the company and customers.”

Eleanor Devenish, past student and Malaysia Marketing Intern for Conservation.

Sustainable Marketing Internship - Intern

“I learnt so much about digital marketing, SEO, social media management and assessing the right marketing strategy. This skill set will be more than useful in my future career.”

Vlada Kantorovich, past student and Malaysia Marketing Intern for Conservation.

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