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Male filming another male sat on a rock in front of the ocean

A marketers guide to Glimpse

We’ve all seen those videos that show loads of really short clips stitched together. Pretty cool right? I had no idea how easy these are to produce until someone introduced me to Glimpse. Glimpse is an app which you can download to your phone and create some epic videos. It’s super easy to use and perhaps […]

Lucy and Jeremy posing for a picture by the BBC Radio Cambridgeshire sign after their live radio segment

A live radio experience

Ever been live on the radio? No, neither had I until this week. However, I was lucky enough to be invited on to the Lunchtime Live with Jeremy Sallis show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire as part of the wildlife Wednesday segment. They’d heard about my conservation marketing internship in Malaysia and were keen to find […]

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A dream job marketing for good in Malaysia

How often have you seen an advert to apply for ‘the greatest job in the world‘ or ‘your dream job‘? From tea tasters touring China, to island sitting a billionaire’s private island, there are some real newsworthy job adverts out there which seem too good to be true. Last year, I came across a ‘Conservation Marketing […]

Is a university degree required to work in wildlife conservation?

Whether or not you need a university degree to get a conservation job really depends on the sort of job you’re after and at what level. Whilst many jobs do require a university degree, this certainly isn’t always the case. To see the career path taken by one of Fuze Ecoteer‘s past non-graduate interns, as well as […]

What’s the right conservation career for you?

To know what’s the right conservation career for you, you really have to understand your personality and what you’re suited to. Conservation is an expanding profession, so there’s a lot to choose from! Narrow things down by taking some free personality tests and hear what one of our past Conservation and Community Intern has to […]

Conservation careers advice

This week’s been an exciting one, because I’ve been speaking with the previous interns of Fuze Ecoteer and hearing about the amazing work they’ve been doing. Like many conservationists, they started their career unsure of the exact path they wanted to take. Due to the many queries that Malaysian Wildlife and Fuze Ecoteer get from […]

What’s it like being a distance learning student with Cambridge Marketing College?

It’s now week seven of my marketing internship, where I’ve been studying for a Certificate in Professional Marketing with Cambridge Marketing College. With videos, podcasts and webinars as well as reading material, there’s never a dull moment, however you like to learn! It’s flexible too, so you can learn wherever you want, whenever you want. Whilst […]

Sainsbury’s – king of sustainable seafood

Which fish is sustainable?’ is a question that many environmentally conscience consumers are asking today. With the world’s overfishing crisis and fish stock depletion, there’s been no shortage of pressure on retailers to sell responsibly caught or farmed seafood. A whole host of campaigns, from the Greenpeace Tuna League Table to the Marine Conservation Society‘s […]